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Hi Parents and Students,

It is a pleasure to join the NPA team and implement a brand new 7th Grade Computer Basics class that connects students to the wonders, liabilities and joys of our 21st Century internet-driven digital world. More than that, we connect core-subjects and "the real world" to computer based projects that include:

     - Keyboarding Skills

     - The History of computers, the internet and media

     - Coding

     - Digital Film Making

     - Basic electronics and robotics

     - Digital Citizenship, kindness and safety on the web

     - The importance of restoring "The Fairness Doctrine"

     - The importance of restoring "Internet Neutrality"

     - Extra Credit FAA Airport Design Challenge (Nov-Dec 2021)

In "Computer Basics" students will walk away with both a curiosity of our digital word and an awareness of how humans should be programming the computers and not the reverse. Students in my class learn how Facebook, Twitter and Google are often manipulated by the top 1% of the world to try to program the majority 99% for profit over planet and that now is the time to reverse this trend. Now is the time to get the working class people of the world to morph the internet and digital devices into tools that contribute, feed, house, and repair our fragile communities and environment instead of being platforms promoting profits over planet. 

My favorite subjects to teach are computer technology, history, media arts and theatre arts. Are they all not really the same thing?

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Paul D Rosa

Computer Skills Teacher - NPA